Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I will begin regularly posting again. I promise.

Since a handful of people have requested to read more of my jabbering... here it is.

Started my second year of law school yesterday. An abrupt shift from my summer routine, lost my wallet on the way to school, macbook would not turn on during my second class (battery/power cord issues). Neither was a big deal, someone turned in my wallet... I had dropped it in the parking lot of the gas station/taking my laptop to get looked at later.

Before my third and final class of the day, I was outside the front of the law school... chain smoking and catching up on the reading (our school's email system is down so I had not gotten the assignment.)

The last 5 or so pages were all charts and outlines which I wasn't sure if I needed to be reading for content or understanding how they were constructed.

So, I decide to ask (loudly) a nearby friend sitting on a bench across from me "did you actually read ALL of this?"

She gave me a strange look. I turned and saw out of my peripheral vision that the Prof. had just come up the steps and was standing right next to me. FML.

He stopped before going inside, turned to look at me and said "No, just look at the pictures."

Welcome back to law school.

updates soon: 
--I will re-up the Scheme demos this weekend as they have been down bc another site posted them and the traffic killed the link.
--I am also going to spend some time this weekend compiling a "Best of" of Drowningman songs (including an unreleased track if I can find it.) This is because too many of the people I have met in the past few years have only seen/heard that song from the last video. That song, content aside, sounds miserable due to mixing and mastering issues. Not how I would like it all to be remembered.