Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adding it all up

Did not want to do this. Was lying on the couch and the thought of posting a blog appealed to me like washing a sink full of dishes or planned socializing.

So, I was evaluating my day and I couldn't really think of anything to write about that was good that happened to me. But I guess it is all relative. Blessings: count those shits.

I posted on facebook about a week ago about seeing a guy, who lives an indeterminate and anonymizing proximity from my house, fall face first over his railing onto the sidewalk after drinking all afternoon. If anything about his sunday afternoon porch party had evoked wistful pangs of a by-gone day-drunk, seeing his buddy trying to get him back in the house put a damper on that.

Don't get me wrong I'm not taking any delight in his misery.  He and his wife have always been nice people.

When a certain spouse of diminutive size and indeterminate ability to "mind her own" reported back from her duties as Chief of Concerned Neighbors Battalion One, turns out our man down had been asking for his wife through his daze (she was out with her friends for the evening.) We both thought it was kind of sweet that after his "boy's afternoon" had turned ugly, he just wanted his wife.

A few hours later it had to say it:

Me: "Sheri, that's the only thing that could make me wish I still drank."
Her: "What"
Me: "Being able to give you the joy of coming home to me drunk with broken shit on the front porch."
Her: "Oh, I bet that would have been great"
Me: "Actually probably not. I'll bet he's lying down and sleeping it off. I'd still have been going."

So yeah, I know those jokes were in poor taste. But whatever slight appeal they had went down sharply --  not just over the past week after seeing broken pottery staying in the same spot in the yard -- but more today when I saw dude's wife packing up.

Apparently times have not changed over the last 7 years, there is no new breed of uber-tolerant care-free women who come home on a sunday night and say "Oh you silly boy" to boyfriends/husbands with blunt head trauma and a high BAC.

It's a fine line getting into a neighbors business, like I said they have always been really nice, and if I see a spot where I can subtly offer a sympathetic ear I will. We're different in some respects: I don't drink beer and I'm not good with a chainsaw. In some ways we are incredibly similar: I just want my wife, too.

My point being: when I started to look at the good things that happened today it had to start with counting my blessings for the shit that didn't happen to me. My wife didn't pack up and leave. I miraculously opened up week-old mail from directloans and saw that a copy of my 2012 tax return was due today, so I got that in on time.

Other good stuff happened when I really stop to think about it. Got my registration for "Brody Law LLC" from the Missouri Secretary of State. My father-in-law looked at that house we are thinking about and did NOT find any major flaws with it and even thinks it's a good deal.

But the best thing that happened to me today? That's a tough one.

It would have been a tie.

First Place goes to waking up and seeing that video of Charles Ramsey who rescued those girls in Cleveland.
Second Place goes to Celia playing with her horse figurines in the backseat of the car and getting one of them caught in her hair.

I have to give it to Charles because chances are he will never be on TV again. Chances that Celia will get another plastic toy lodged in her hair before the end of the week are good.

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