Thursday, May 2, 2013

Because some of you are reading this -- and also to relieve the sole-sucking boredom of the work-related writing I do -- I am going to try to post something every day. Or as close to it as humanly possible...

It's snowing in May in Kansas. In Vermont I expected it, here I am genuinely offended. I front-loaded my work week, missing out on nice weather earlier in the week.

Brought Celia to "Music Together" class this morning, she was pretty subdued. However, the teacher finally recognized a bit of her genius when she started arranging the toy drums into a drum-set. It made me nervous that she might be showing too much interest in the drums, this will need to be taken into consideration when house-hunting in case she ends up living in the basement until she is thirty-five.

But anyway, the teacher was impressed. Imagine if she had heard Celia's original composition "you be careful tiger"she was working on last night.

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