Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update

I was going to take the weekend off. I actually had a few things planned to write about but they would be a little more involved than I am willing to start right now. Instead, this:

I put my contacts in today since leaving the house before noon was involved. (Sheri and Celia and I went to "Art in the Park" with Celia's friend Roxie and her mom, Suzie.)

Celia was just in the bathroom and I guess she found my glasses on the counter. So she ran out into the living room with them.

"Here, daddy."

"Oh, thank you."

I then pretended to put them on (thinking she would just run away and get into something else.) Seeing that she wasn't going anywhere I tried to make a show of it and put them on upside down without unfolding them, going for the cheap laugh.

She just stood there watching me and said, "No, Daddy, that's wrong." Then proceeded to climb up onto the couch and put them on "properly" (unfolded, still upside down with lots of smudges on them.)

That's all you get.

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