Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maybe weekly updates are more realistic

It's like that week after a visit to the dentist where you floss every day or after you get a gym membership. Once you miss a few days, realizing you have broken your sacred oath, what's really the point?

I was updating daily for a while there and then I just got busy. It's hard to want to write recreationally when you are doing it for a living, plus the Brody household is on high alert being 3 days past Maxi's due date. Excuses we got 'em.

I sent the last 20 minutes trying to find work that needs doing. Got nothing. So here's what I have:

Recent Celia-isms:

She has learned to follow up her post somersault "Ta-dahs" with "thank you, thank you."

The other day she was climbing up a bench and Sheri said to her "How come you're getting so big?" to which Celia replied, "How come you're so short?"

Brought her new keyboard with her in the car to pick Lily up at the vet to play her some songs. ("What song you like, Lily?")

Naming decisions

After much deliberation and deciding on Maxine as Celia's little sisters name, we spent another few months getting nowhere with picking a middle name. I lobbied for "Mum" which did not go over, I was then going for Etta and Billie, after hearing a Nina Simone song I thought that went with the general theme I was going for...

So Maxine Simone Brody. It sounds good. Grade school (middle school, high school) tormentors would be happy about that one.

I guess that's all for now. Oh and here are my new "business cards"(won't really be using them) are pasted below. I may have a few of them made, send your address if you want one.

Oh and we are about to go try to take Celia to the movies for the first time. Then swing by Andy and Sarah's wedding reception. Congratulations to them. (Especially for getting the destination wedding idea to work and avoiding the commotion)

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